Family walks

The Vall de Boí offers great options to enjoy the mountains in family. Walks on flat routes on foot or by bicycle, play areas, facilities adapted for the little ones and a privileged natural and cultural heritage. Learn, walk and have fun at the same time.


An exciting way to discover the Vall de Boí, uniting nature, culture and history, is to walk on foot the almost 40 kilometers marked with traditional paths that connect all the towns in the valley. Dry stone walls, patiently placed cobblestones ... will give us a different vision of the life of this valley long ago, enjoying some spectacular landscapes and the flora and fauna that inhabit this region.

Orientation Circuits

An activity that favors interacting with the environment, culture and heritage of the valley. It is designed for curious, families, athletes, and walkers. A fun way to discover the Valley contemplating its beauty and at your own pace. The activity ends by presenting the map with the correct control codes at the Tourism office in Barruera to check your achievement.

Ascents to the summits

The Vall de Boí is surrounded by imposing massifs that exceed 3,000 meters and others that rise above 2,800 meters. Summits like Comaloforno and Besiberri are a real adventure for those who like to see the world closer to the skye. Normal ascents to these summits exceed 1,200 meters of elevation gain and therefore good physical condition and a minimum of technical preparation are required.

Mountain bike

In Vall de Boí you will find different possibilities to go mountain biking, from flat routes along the banks of the valley, along forest roads and tracks to more demanding routes through high mountain alpine meadows and black pine forests. There is a great marked BTT routes.

Road bike

Very adapted for cycling, the Pyrenees route runs through little frequented and very safe roads. Height, landscape and challenges, the Vall de Boí offers many ascents, the climb to Cavallers and the Boí Taüll ski resort stand out. High mountain environment, Romanesque and Aigüestortes National Park all in one.

Trail running

The Valley has a center for the practice of trail running (mountain race) with different marked routes and classified with color codes (green, blue, red, black) that correspond to the level of difficulty (distance and unevenness) accumulated), with all the complementary services that can be offered to the visitor and with a specific reception and information service. The ideal mountain environment for training at height with routes that move between 1,000 meters and more than 3,000 meters from the highest peaks.

Climbing and via ferrata

In the Cavallers dam area there are numerous routes with different difficulties, routes ranging from 10 to 1,000m of climbing on a magnificent granite. We also find pathways in the Ventosa i Calvell refuge area and in Les Agujas de Travessany and Mangades. Above 2,500m, we also find interesting and difficult climbing routes. It is an extraordinary terrain for climbing, both sports and classic.


The sensation of flying in a tandem paraglider is very smooth and pleasant. It is the closest experience to being a bird, flying noiselessly, noticing the wind on your face, and watching the world go by at your feet. Once you have tried it, you will want to fly again!

Ravine climbing

You can enjoy this adrenaline aquatic adventure in the Durro ravine and La Sallent ravine, both equipped. You can also go to other ravines in the region such as Viu de Llevata, Erta... It allows you to learn about the inside life of the ravines by following the current of water, fauna, flora and geological formations that the water has been sculpting since millions of years ago on the walls of the pools.


Descend through the rough waters of a river ( the Noguera Ribagorçana) in an inflatable boat, with the help of oars, avoiding the rocks on the road and avoiding at all times falling into the water.An exciting and fun way activity and a great teamwork. In this adventure getting wet is inevitable.

Hot springs

The Caldes de Boí Spa, 1,500 meters high, has 37 mineral-medicinal water springs with more than 16,000 years of history (its therapeutic effect dates back to Roman times). These springs are located in the extensive garden area of ​​the spa and from the Hotel Manantial a walking route is offered to discover them.


Millennial science of holistic care. Body, mind and spirit are united and strengthened. We will practice simple posture classes combined with breathing, adapted for all ages and for all levels. No previous experience is necessary. A philosophy of life, a way of being, of acting with ourselves, with those around us, a path of self-knowledge and personal growth. Lets Yoga!


MANUVISION treatment, a technique born in Denmark used to relax the whole body through massage, pressure, stretching, reflexology and the release of the joints. An effective ally for releasing muscle tension that causes stress, discomfort and contractures in everyday life. Great self care gift after a walking day routes in our valley. Your body will be grateful!

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